Javelina Hunting: Stickbow Edition

Javelina Hunting
Stickbow Javelina

While gulping a cup of coffee, I scrawled a note to my wife and kids telling them I was planning on morning javelina hunting. Little did I know as I threw my pack and bow into the truck, that it would turn into a full day hunt. I met up with a few buddies and spent the morning glassing the sunny slopes in search of pigs. When we finally found them, they were a good mile and half hike away, but after formulating a game plan, we made our way over to them working in to about a 100 yards. From there, we silently made our final stalk into a big herd of javelina, where at 6 yards, my arrow found it’s mark. When the dust settled, my friend David and I had been able to harvest pigs.

The sun was already headed deep into the western sky by the time we shouldered our heavy packs and started to make our way back to the truck. It turned into a long day in the field, but it was a good day javelina hunting with friends that I won’t soon forget.

Javelina Country
Javelina Country
Vortex Viper 15x50
The Vortex Vipers doing some work
Arizona Javelina
Javelina for dinner
Arizona Sunset
Success Sunset
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11 Responses to “Javelina Hunting: Stickbow Edition”

  1. Shawn

    Congratulations on the hunt and looks like a beautiful day afield. Funny how those morning hunts end up taking just a few more hours!

  2. Bryan C

    Congrats Ben! 6 yards-great stalk. Sunset pic is killing me. Left AZ 2 weeks ago after 6 weeks of quail hunting to return to northern Michigan. Ouch.

    • azwanderings

      Thanks Bryan. Michigan in January doesn’t sound like fun right now. Stay warm.

  3. Eddie

    Very cool, I’d love to hunt those some day. How do you like to cook them?

  4. Corey Beavers

    Man, I love seeing the pics and outcome of your adventures! Just beautiful, beautiful country. My great grandmother passed on recently, and one of the things we found in her apartment in Denver, was an old yellowed pic of my great grandfather, home from a hunt with a big javelina, from back when they lived in AZ. Good stuff!


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