New T-shirt: KC Badger Brown Trout Original

Brown Trout t-shirt

Arizona Wanderings has teamed up with local legend KC Badger for the new artist series t-shirt design. For those that do not know KC is a household name in the BMX industry and a well known face in the fly fishing scene in Arizona too. I had seen several of his fly fishing art pieces around and was super stoked when he agreed to put something together for the new t-shirt design. KC did not disappoint and his signature style shows through in this image. It was cool seeing the whole thing come together from start to finish.

KC Badger Brown Trout Original T-shirt 

I am doing a pre-order sale to begin with, so for this week if you are interested in supporting local art and business and getting a screaming deal on a t-shirt, swing by the Arizona Wanderings Shop and put in for your KC Badger Brown Trout Original T-shirt. Thanks for your continued support.

Brown Trout

Check out more of KC Badger at The Dagger Zone

7 Responses to “New T-shirt: KC Badger Brown Trout Original”

  1. mr blur

    well I’m in. onliest way this shirt would be better is if that were yer middle finger.

    super stuff. I’m a sucker for a tee shirt with a trout on it. plus kc’s got style to spare.

    • azwanderings

      Glad you approve Mike and thank you for the support. All the props go to KC as it is his design.


  2. Alex

    Like I said before I will wear the shit out of this shirt, but I think I may have to come get one in person… I need some more snuggle time and a little backdoor koi action.


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