Rambling Review – ECS Gun Case

Rambling Review – ECS Gun Case

ECS Gun Case
ECS Gun Case


I had the amazing opportunity to  review this ECS Gun Case through the Outdoor Blogger Network after learning about sig sauer gun safety.. After being selected, a member of the ECS team contacted me and discussed the dimensions of the case and what I would be using it for. Within a couple of weeks I had a custom-made, next-to-industructable gun case sitting on my doorstep. With a month left of quail season and some of the bumpiest roads in Arizona ahead of me, I put the ECS Gun Case through the paces and here is what I found.

ECS Gun Case
ECS Gun Case

First impressions:

The Dimensions –  When the ECS Gun Case showed up on my doorstep I was amazed at the size of it.  The exterior dimmensions of the case are:

52.0”L x 13.0”W x 11.0”H

It weighs roughly 28 lbs.

The Interior – The inside of the ECS Gun Case is lined with a thick foam that allows a firearm to be fitted snuggly into place.  There is room for two long guns with a maximum length of 44 inches. Additionally there are three other 13 inch slots for accessories.

ECS Gun Case Buckles
ECS Gun Case Buckles

Field Use:

The first thing that I really appreciated about the ECS Rifle Case is the overall construction and durability of this case. The case itself is made out of what ECS calls “Low Linear Density Polyethylene” or LLDP. Coupled with four solid latches, heavy duty hinges, and a watertight gasket makes this case almost indestructible.

I loaded up the ECS Gun Case with a 12 guage shotgun, a Ruger 30-06 mounted with a scope, a 9mm Glock in it’s factory case, a wooden gun cleaning kit, and shells/bullets for all the different guns. I was amazed that I had been able to fit all that gear into the case and I was slightly nervous about trusting several of my guns in the back of my truck over some extremely bumpy roads. Regardless, I wheeled the case through the house, hoisted it into the back of the truck, and took a rattling ride through some of the back washes of the Arizona desert.  Even after bouncing around in the back of my truck, I pulled the 30-06 out of the case and put a couple of rounds through, just to make sure the scope was still dialed in. Needless to say, everything was spot on, and I confidently put the gun back into the case for the return trip.

At the end of the day, I would have no qualms about entrusting my firearms to the baggage handlers at the airport as long as the gun was in an ECS Gun Case. The ECS Case would also do well for an extended trip where a gun would have to be safely stowed for a long period of time.

If you’re still not convinced, check out the video below, put together by the folks over at ECS. Pretty cool to see.



Solid Construction

High Quality Components

Watertight and Floats

Maximum Protection 

Room for Acceseries




ECS Rifle Case
ECS Rifle Case

Prognosis:  If you are looking for a high quality, virtually indestructible travel gun case that the boys at baggage claim can’t hurt, the ECS Gun Case is the ticket for you.



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  1. The Reverend Fowl™

    High-quality case review.
    I would add the silica gel desiccant dehumidifier and the solid block corrosion inhibitor thingies (not just for the Monsoon season).


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