Rambling Review – G.Loomis Eastfork Fly Reel

Rambling Review – G.Loomis East Fork Reel

 G.Loomis Eastfork Reel


Having been through my share of disappointing reels, I started looking for a nicer reel for my 5 weight. Most of the fly fishing that I do is on mid size rivers and streams, where a smooth drag can come in very handy. After a bit of research, I found a pretty sweet deal on a G.Loomis Eastfork reel to pair with my 5 weight.

G.Loomis Eastfork Reel

First impressions:

The finish – The  G.Loomis Eastfork reel has a really nice bronze finish, that has a fine classy look without being too flashy. The wooden handle is a nice touch too.

The weight – Weight is critical on a fly reel. The Eastfork reel is very light and balances nicely on my Stowaway fly rod.

The materials – The G.Loomis Eastfork is constructed out of machined aluminum which lends itself to being strong and lightweight.

G.Loomis Eastfork Reel

Field Use:

From the moment I paired the reel to my fly rod, I was impressed. The Eastfork reel’s design is simple and user-friendly. It is a rock solid reel that has seen a full summer of fishing with absolutely no issues.

The G.Loomis Eastfork reel has a push-button spool release that makes it very easy to check out the guts of the reel. The drag system is pretty sweet and offers a smooth transition from a delicate, friction-free startup, to controlled strength at any setting. I have been able to put two of the bigger fish from the summer on the reel and was very impressed with how a reel can be smooth and strong at the same time.

Now, I am of the mindset that fishing gear should be used, which means that my fly rods and reels see wear and tear from field use. The Eastfork reel has stood up to drops on rocks and bushwacking through brush with only a few minor blemishes to show for it. At the end of the day, the G.Loomis Eastfork reel is a solid, straightforward reel that does the trick.

G.Loomis Eastfork Reel G.Loomis Eastfork Reel


Classy Bronze finish/Wooden handle


Durable Machined Aluminum

Sealed Drag


Made in China

I believe this reel is discontinued

Prognosis:  If you can find one, the G.Loomis Eastfork is a great mid-level reel with plenty of guts to handle anything you can throw at it.


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8 Responses to “Rambling Review – G.Loomis Eastfork Fly Reel”

  1. Howard Levett

    It looks like a pretty nice reel. That being said, I’m stuck with using old click pawl reels for sentimentality sake. Have a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year Ben.

  2. Gary

    Thanks for the review. I have found one on Craigslist and may be purchasing soon. Certainly is purdy to look at.

  3. JustinDOzone

    Nice review and I couldn’t agree more. I have a safe full of Hardy, Ross, Orvis and Abel reels but the East Fork is by far my favorite trout reel. My favorite feature is one that I don’t think you mentioned; the complete lack of any friction mechanism while winding in. So when I have 25-40 feet of line at my feet or on the water and I hook up, I can give the reel handle one good flick with my index finger and all that line is instantly back on the spool so I’m playing the fish on the reel. Does your’s do this or is this a setting that can be changed (and that I can’t find)? I’ve been trying to buy more Eastfork reels and spools and while I’ve located larger sizes on e-Bay I haven’t found the 4-5-6. I even contacted Gary Loomis who told me the IP is owned by Shimano. I contacted them about acquiring the rights but their Legal Dept has not responded and probably won’t. Anyway, if you’ve got knowledge of any out there I’d sure like to know about them!

    • azwanderings


      Yes sir its a great reel and I do the same thing as you when retrieving line quick. I haven’t seen too many floating around and understood that they weren’t making them anymore. Would be nice to see a reboot. Let’s stay in touch if we hear any news. Take care.


  4. JustinDOzone

    Thanks for your reply Ben. I confirmed with Loomis and Shimano that it has been out of production since 2016 with no plans for the future. This is why I thought I might have a shot at buying the IP and resurrecting the reel. No luck yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

  5. Luckly Leo

    I have a 5/6 model and love it. Last week I lost the Hub lock and cover and I’m looking for replacement parts.
    Do you have any idea were I might find them?

    • azwanderings

      Sorry Leo. Wish I could help you, but I’m not sure. Best of luck.



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