Rambling Review – Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case

Rambling Review – Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case

Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case
Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case


I’ll be the first to admit it. My iPhone takes some serious abuse. I drop it, dunk it, and generally abuse it. When I first bought the phone, I paid some pretty good money for the original Lifeproof case, which did alright for a while, but eventually started to fail. For those of you who are planning to buy the latest iPhone for an upgrade, loanovao offers a mobile loan. They have helpful site since there are specific instructions for every step of the process. I could never hear really well through the case, the keys were not sensitive enough, and eventually the corners started to peel up and therefore it was not waterproof anymore. I had kind of given up on waterproof and shockproof cases until I came across the new Otterbox Armor Series Case. This thing looks like a tank, and many of the things that I hadn’t liked about the Lifeproof case had been addressed.

Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case
Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case on the left and the old Lifeproof Case on the right

First impressions:

The size – At 5.14 in x 2.94 in x 0.82, there’s no way around it. The Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case is bulky, but that bulk buys you some serious protection.

Idiot Proof – This thing was made for me: waterproof, drop proof, dust proof and crush proof.

Latches – One thing that was immediately noticeable was the big corrosion resistant latches on the case. The previous case that I owned was a snap shut case, and it always left me wondering if the case was fully sealed. The latches on the Otterbox Armor Series guarantees a watertight seal every time.

Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case
Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case
Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case
Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case
Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case
Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case

Field Use:

The Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case is the perfect case for the outdoorsman. You can easily tuck it in your wader or jacket pocket for a quick photo on the creek and not ever worry about the phone getting wet. All the features on the phone work really well with the case on, except one button. The button that turns the ringer on/turns the phone to vibrate is very stiff and takes some work to move.

I was pleasantly surprised by how responsive the screen was on the Otterbox Armor Series case. On the old Lifeproof case, the screen was a bit temperamental and did not always recognize key strokes. The Otterbox is substantially better with little to no difference from using the phone without the thin screen of the Otterbox.

Another thing that I did not like about the old Lifeproof case was how difficult it was to have a conversation through the case. It would often times be very hard to hear the person on the other end, and I would have complaints about how hard it was to hear me. The Otterbox Armor Series Case is a step up for sure with better clarity on both ends, but in my opinion, you sacrifice some of the sound quality when using a “waterproof” case like the Otterbox.

The Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case is a beast. Now, I say that in a good way and a bad way. Good, because it can take some serious abuse and keep your phone safe from whatever you throw at it. Bad, because it’s bulky. The case is a bit much, if you’re used to carrying your phone in your back pocket like me. If you’re carrying a briefcase, backpack, or purse, size doesn’t matter too much.

Over the course of a couple of months, my Otterbox Armor Case has seen its share of abuse. It has been dropped countless times, splashed several times, and had one good dunk. Throughout that whole time, my phone was safe and secure inside the case.

Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case
Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case
Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case
Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case in the quail vest.



Drop-proof (from 10 ft)

Crushproof (2 tons of pressure)

Waterproof (6.6 feet of water submersion for up to 30 minutes)


Corrosion-resistant hinges 

Touch sensitivity for the screen


Size (This thing is huge)

Sound quality for phone calls (although much better than it’s predecessor)

Stiff ringer on/vibrate button

Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case
Otterbox iPhone Armor Series Case

Prognosis:  This is not my idea of an everyday case, but there is nothing else I would trust my phone to on a day of fishing or hunting. In my opinion, the extra bulk is a small price to pay for the protection that the Otterbox Armor Series Case provides.



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  1. Randy Jackson

    Thanks for the review. I have been in phone jail for the last 18 months as I drown two expensive smart phones. One was while landing an 18 in brown near Howard, CO. I get out at the end of this month and have been checking out protective cases. Great blog, I use your mini hoppers as an indicator for most of the summer and it seems that larger fish just have to have a go at the indicator.

    • azwanderings

      Randy, thanks for the kind words and glad you liked the review. Best of luck with your case purchase. Glad to hear that the mini-hoppers are working for you too. They seem to do the trick just about everywhere. Take care.



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