Rambling Review – Pocket Calls

Rambling Review – Pocket Calls

Pocket Call Game Calls
Pocket Call Game Calls


On my Pennsylvania whitetail hunt in November, I was lucky enough to be sitting in the tree stand right in the middle of the rut. It is important for the bow hunter to have those few items to help get the edge on those older wily bucks that are slipping through the woods. A grunt tube is one of those essentials that can bring a buck in to shooting range. Pocket Call Game Calls has a unique line-up of deer, predator, bear, pig/javelina and squirrel calls to choose from. This review is specifically for the DG-1 and DG-1A deer grunt calls.

Pocket Calls
Pocket Calls (DG-1 Bottom DG-1A Top)

First impressions:

The Size – The DG-1 grunt call is only 3 inches long and can fit nicely in any pocket you have. The DG-1A is essentially the same call except with a long tube which makes it hand free and really convenient. the tube folds or wraps around the call which again makes this device really handy to store.

The Sound – Although both calls have a deep rich sound to them, I am a little partial to the DG-1A. The long tube allows the caller to pull air through the call and create those bold sounds of rutting whitetail bucks.

The Science – The Pocket Calls are different than most grunt tubes because instead of blowing air through the call, the DG-1 and DG-1A calls both are designed to draw air through the call. By drawing air through the call, it reduces the amount of moisture left in the call and helps to protect it from freezing in really cold weather.

Pocket Call Deer Grunts
Pocket Call Deer Grunts

Field Use:

I carried both calls in my pack, but spent the majority of my time using the DG-1A. The number one reason that I preferred this call over the DG-1 was because it was truly hands free. Trying to stay warm and still, I would clip the Pocket Call to my coat pocket and run the mouthpiece up under my neck gaiter. By moving my head slightly I could pull air through the call and make the desired sounds I was looking for.

Although I did not have a shot at a big buck and ultimately came home emptied handed, I was successful with getting a few younger deer into my stands which in and of itself I saw as a victory. After grunting a couple of times in the course of the morning, one young three point, came in a string to my stand trying to check things out. After not finding the buck that he heard, he hung around for a little and browsed the undergrowth before leaving.

I have always been a skeptic of calls, scents, and gimmicks said to pull deer into a hunting stand, and feel that time in the field and patience are the hunters best friend. Having said that, having a quality call, like one of the Pocket Calls, ready to go, can be crucial in convincing a buck to come in and investigate.

Hands Free
Hands Free


Small size


Low soft sounds

Inhalation protects against freezing


Non-adjustable sounds

Prognosis: The DG-1A will always have a place in my pack during deer season. You never know when a soft grunt will bring that big buck a little bit further into range.



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    Unfortunately I’m no longer a hunter. My only problem with this is that if I use it, my ex-wife’s mother will come running.


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