Rambling Review – REI Revelcloud Jacket

Rambling Review – REI Revelcloud Jacket

REI Revelcloud Jacket
REI Revelcloud Jacket


Pretty much every outdoor clothing company these days is making an insulation layer out of Primaloft.  My wife and I each bought ourselves one of the REI Revelcloud Jackets as Christmas presents in 2012 and have put them through the ringer. Ultimately, a lightweight insulation layer can be the difference between staying warm in the field, and being miserably cold and heading home.

*REI has since redesigned their Revelcloud line so it looks a bit different, but appears to have roughly the same specs and features.

REI Revelcloud Jacket
REI Revelcloud Jacket

First impressions:

Material – The REI Revelcloud Jacket is manufactured from Pertex Quantum which is a recycled ripstop polyester. This material is fairly water- and wind-resistant.

Insulation – The insulation for this jacket incorporates a synthetic material called Primaloft. Primaloft is a synthetic that is similar to down. The positive side about Primaloft is that it still provides some warmth when wet, unlike down which loses all warmth when wet. The downside is that it does not pack down as tightly, nor as lightweight as down. 

Packability – Although not as tight-packing as down, the Revelcloud does pack pretty small. It comes with a small stuff sack that is roughly 9 inches long with a 3.5 inch diameter. Pretty nice when you think about it.

REI Revelcloud Jacket
REI Revelcloud Jacket

Field Use:

I have literally beat the crap out of this jacket this past year and a half. I have hunted, fished, and backpacked with it all over the southwest and it still looks pretty good. Here is what I really like about the jacket:

Number one is that I can wear it as an insulation piece under a shell or as a stand alone jacket. The Revelcloud is form fitting and lays very flat under an outer jacket. I would often use this jacket as a layer underneath a heavier coat while glassing hillsides during hunting season or underneath my waders and softshell while fishing. I provides a great amount of warmth without a ton of bulk. There were also times though where I’d arrive early to fish a canyon and it was still pretty cold (30s or 40s), but I knew that it would warm up considerably once the sun was high in the sky. The REI Revelcloud is sturdy enough to be worn with care as an external jacket in the morning and then stowed in the stuff sack once the day warms.

The second thing that I really like about the REI Revelcloud jacket is that the Primaloft still provides warmth even when damp or wet. I have a very distinct memory of stumbling hard on the stream and dipping the entire right arm of my jacket in the cold creek water. Once I rung out the water and gave it a couple of shakes, I didn’t have any other choice than to put the jacket back on. Although it wasn’t perfect, the jacket did continue to hold some warmth even though it was soaking wet. My limited experience with down has shown me that it does not react in the same way as Primaloft.

Finally, the REI Revelclouds ability to pack down into a very small stuff sack makes it ideal for an outdoorsman who is trying to save on space and ounces. At roughly 12.5 ounces, it is a really nice insurance policy to have just in case the weather turns cold and windy. From October til April, this jacket stays in my fishing and hunting pack for those moments when I need the extra warmth.

REI Revelcloud Jacket
REI Revelcloud Jacket and a bent rod on Bright Angel Creek

One thing does stand out as problematic when talking about all lightweight Primaloft or down jackets, and the Revelcloud is no exception – Durability. Although I do often wear it as an outer layer, I wear it carefully. This is not the jacket to bushwack through raspberry bushes or thick pokey tree limbs. I do try to be gentle with it, as the material can be torn rather easily. I have two small holes in the jacket that I keep an eye on, although they do not compromise its performance.



Extremely packable

Water- and wind-resistant

Bunches down into its own stuff sack

Extremely warm

Great non-bulky insulation layer

Made from recycled material

Easily machine washed

True to size


Made in China

Not ideal as an outer layer as the material can be easily torn

REI Revelcloud Jacket
REI Revelcloud Jacket makes a great piece of insulation at Pyramid Lake


Prognosis:  The REI Revelcloud Jackets quickly became and remains one of my favorite pieces of gear during the cold months of the year. It is worth its weight in gold as an insulation layer when it comes to staying warm in the elements. 



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2 Responses to “Rambling Review – REI Revelcloud Jacket”

  1. Aaron A

    I have a Patagonia version of your jacket that I love as well. A lighter puffy is a nice piece to have. That said, I have a Primaloft vest that I wear far more often. And the layer that is either on my back or in my pack is a windshirt (mine is a Marmot, and is also some sort of fine ripstop lined with “Driclime”, a really light fleece).

    • azwanderings

      Very cool Aaron. I think this style of jacket is such a intricate part of an outdoorsman’s layering system. I know that I love mine. Thanks for the comment.



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