Rim Country: Part 1

Leaving the house at 2 in the morning to get to my deer stand before first light is just one more reason for me to like fishing more. A heavy rain had drenched the woods and made my approach quiet, but in the end it did not seem to matter. I sat in my blind until 10:30 and then got down to the good stuff. I caught more browns in this particular stream than I ever had before and most were of a decent size. My mini-hoppers are still producing and I am not one to make changes when things are going so well. Just a few photos from Saturday to share…


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  1. Brandon

    Beautiful fish you caught, I love it up on the rim. You should try it with a tenkara rod sometime, it adds a whole new dimension to fly fishing.

  2. bsmith835

    Thanks Brandon. I understand the appeal of the White Mountains for fishermen, but the Rim really holds a special place for me. I’ve toyed around with the idea of the tenkara rod but at this point I can’t work up the nerve to put down the money for the new setup. I think it’s something that I would enjoy. Thanks for the kind words and for reading.


  3. Brandon

    I feel the same way about the Rim. To me the fishing is too good just to drive past on the way to the White Mountains.

    I was hesitant about the tenkara rod because of the money, especially since I couldn’t try it first, but am now so glad I did. I’ve never had so much fun with a fly rod. Plus there are cheaper and better options for line than what TenkaraUSA sells. If you ever want to try it don’t hesitate to ask.

    Keep up the great blog!

  4. troutrageous1

    Great post. Those are some really healthy looking trout. I’d have picked fishing over hunting too.

    BTW, Brandon is right, tenkara is a blast.

  5. Bill

    Kind of reading these in reverse but those are some really beautiful fish! Do you mind if I ask what camera you’re using?

  6. bsmith835

    No problem Bill. This is actually a hand-me-down from my wife after she got a nice DSLR. The camera that I am using on my outings is a Nikon Coolpix S51. I don’t know what is all means, but I am thankful to have a camera that takes decent pictures. I am hoping for a Christmas or birthday I can get one of those “shock and waterproof” ones. I have accidentally dunked this camera but I let it dry and then turned it back on and thankfully it worked. Hope this helps.



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