Simi Seal Buggers for Sale

Simi Seal Buggers
Simi Seal Buggers

Simi-Seal Buggers for Sale

The Simi Seal Bugger is one of the most productive patterns that is in my fly box. Wether fishing on the urban ponds for bass and carp or drifting a large pool full of hungry brown trout, the Simi Seal Bugger is a must have pattern for all kinds of different waters.

The Simi Seal Bugger is tied with John Rohmer’s genuine Arizona Simi Seal, multiple wraps of lead-free wire and a glass bead. Simi Seal Buggers are sold in a 12 pack with green, red, black, and brown.

2 Responses to “Simi Seal Buggers for Sale”

  1. Gary

    Great looking fish catchers. You should come up with an Arizona Wanderings Arizona Edition fly box. I m sure you could fill it with some great flies for Arizona and the west.

    • azwanderings

      Thanks for the kind words Gary. I think I am going to sit down during the winter and tie up some boxes like you are talking about. Hope the lakes have been treating you well.



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