Smith Creek New Zealand Products

One of the coolest products that I have is the Smith Creek Net Holster. I did a review on it a while back and it’s one of those pieces of gear that has stood the test of time and abuse on the water.

Smith Creek Net Holster
Smith Creek Net Holster

Smith Creek New Zealand is always looking to fill a nitch or void in the fly fishing market and has come out with two new products this season that are pretty handy.

Smith Creek
Smith Creek Products

The Rod Clip – For those times when you are waist deep in the river and juggling your fly rod, flies, tippet and more, the rod clip seems to be the ticket.

Rod Clip
Smith Creek Rod Clip

The Trash Fish – No more tossing spent tippet and leaders in your pockets or streamside. Trash fish is the answer.

Trash Fish
Smith Creek Trash Fish

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