Mogollon Rim Fishing

Arizona Fly Fishing: The Backcountry


My wife laughed at me when I told her what time I would be getting up on Saturday morning to go fishing. I wondered about the decision myself, but when the alarm clock beeped, I popped up like a daisy. With a little bit of coffee and a granola bar for the truck ride, I […]

Arizona Fly Fishing: Exploring


Jake and I made the drive to the Rim under the cover of darkness and left the truck in the Hospitality Parking lot just as the sun was starting to lighten the morning sky. We opted to fish a stream that both of us had heard much about but had never actually fished. We really […]

ACLS Recreational Expo: Cottonwood, AZ


My good friend Paul Freeman is the principal over at the Accelerated Learning Charter in Cottonwood, AZ. His school is putting on their first ever Recreational Expo that offers some workshops, raffles, and all kinds of festivities with the focus of getting families together and kids outdoors. Paul was kind enough to invite me up […]

End of the Road: A Guest Post on Filson Life


I had a pretty cool opportunity to write my first piece for Filson on their blog at Filson Life. I have never done much writing outside of Arizona Wanderings and I owe a big thanks to the kind people over at Filson. The heavy truck tires crunch the small stones as I make the turn […]

Fly Fishing Arizona: Creek Fishing (Part 2)


We bumped and bounced our way over the washboard road until we reached the creek and, after driving up a ways, found that we had the creek to ourselves. ┬áThe water was a little low and gin clear with the aquatic vegetation growing thick. Fishing has been getting tougher on this stretch of water due […]