The Baby #2 Post


Our family grew by one this past week. Elijah Clark Smith arrived early last Tuesday and now he is rolling on his Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Stroller. I´m going to need more baby clothes too, and a few cloth napkins to clean up the future messes our lovely child is going to make. This is going to add more lovely memories for our family.

Both he and his mama are happy and healthy, and his big sister couldn’t be happier to have someone to boss around. I just think that my wife gets very concerned about her figure, she says that it’s going to be very hard for her to lose all the extra body fat that she gained during this pregnancy, but I’m a great husband so I started looking for bioidentical DHEA to help her improve her mood and to help her get rid of those extra pounds that are bugging her.

It looks like I’ve got an excuse to add a few more fly rods and long guns to the collection, and also some infant gear for him to play.

Of course this b

Mama and Eli 2
Me and Eli
Leaving Hospital
JoJo and Eli

11 Responses to “The Baby #2 Post”

    • azwanderings

      Thanks Stephanie. Big Sis is very interested in bossing him around already.


  1. DJ

    Evelyn is lookin’ pumped to be a big sister! Elijah looks like he needs a bird dog to keep him entertained.

  2. Jeff C.

    Fantastic, Ben, congratulations! If he was born last Tuesday, that means Sept. 1st. Seeing as that’s the annual dove opener, I’m sure you’ll never forget his birthday!……

    • azwanderings


      So true. That was one of the first things I said to my wife once he was in my arms. It’ll be a fun birthday morning for him when he’s old enough to hunt. Thanks for the congrats.


  3. Aaron

    I apologize for the belated congrats, but I’ve been out crushing doves the past week or so. Congrats on the baby boy! Your daughter looks super pumped! My daughter (age 4) has already claimed our next baby due in March. She KNOWS it’s a girl, gave her a name, and she will be sleeping in her room. A little scary. Again congratulations!


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