The Fall Season Giveaway

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It’s getting to be that time of the year here in Arizona. Hunters have been scouting, dusting off gear, and preparing for the upcoming seasons. Once the high country gets a bit cooler, the fishing should really turn on as fish start to fatten up for winter. In light of all the excitement, how about a giveaway. I try to keep things simple here on AZW, so here are the rules.

1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what hunts or fishing trips you have coming up this fall and/or winter.

2. Leave a second comment on this post if you like Arizona Wanderings on Facebook.

3. Leave a third comment on this post if you follow on Twitter.

4. Leave a fourth comment on this post if you follow Arizona Wanderings on Instagram.


* Contest closes on Sunday morning and I’ll use the Random Number generator to pick three winners.



– First number gets $25 to Dick’s Sporting Goods, one of the new AZW hats, and one of my hand tied furled leaders.


– The second and third numbers gets their choice of shirt from the AZW shop along with one of my hand tied furled leaders.



A big thank you to Dick’s Sporting Goods for sponsoring this fall giveaway. I do want to say a few words about Dick’s Sporting Goods since they sponsored this review (how am I going to say no to giving one of my readers $25). I think Dick’s Sporting goods provides a needed middle ground for many people who are just getting into hunting and fishing. Let’s be honest, some of those big outdoor box stores can be a bit intimidating when you first walk in, but Dick’s Sporting Goods provides a well rounded approach to “sporting goods” and is an excellent segue for many new and beginning outdoorsmen. If you are looking for an online, brick-and-mortar, and catalog retailer of off-price merchandise, including offers such as the best place to purchase SARMs, fitness and adventure gear, and apparel, along with footwear, clothing, and home decor. Check out for more information.

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82 Responses to “The Fall Season Giveaway”

  1. David Knapp

    Great giveaway…thanks Ben! I’ve got a couple of trips planned to Rocky Mountain NP to chase browns as well as one to South Park to hit the South Platte and another to the Gunnison area. I’m hoping I get these all in as things get busy this time of year…

  2. Dom Paulo

    Making my first journey to the Ferry in a few weeks! (will be sporting some of your fine furled leaders)

    Keep up the epic reports.

  3. Anthony

    Sweet!! I have a trip to the White River in Arkansas and to the north Georgia mountains. Both for some big browns and bows!

  4. Zach is following you on all fronts, Ben!! 🙂

    The biggest upcoming trip for me is my 23N Early Rifle Bull hunt coming up Sept. 27. My Dad and I both have tags, so I am excited to be out there with (hopefully) rutting bulls and bringing home my best bull to date (wouldn’t be that hard!!)! Also looking forward to some small stream overnights this fall. We should talk…

  5. Zach

    …and my only complaint is that your grams aren’t insta enough for me! 😉

  6. Scott Webster

    Ben – love my new hat ! Off to the East Verde River this weekend. Fishing the Rim creeks 09/20 – 22 (East Verde River, Canyon Creek, Tonto Creek, etc.). Off to Lees Ferry the first weekend in October. Hope to get to the San Juan over Thanksgiving. Got mini-hoppers that need to see the water. As of today I’m at 29 on the water days for 2013. Keep up the good work (the browns in the Bighorn in Montana love them mini-hoppers….). Thx. Scott

  7. Alex Whiten

    I am getting married in October, and am marrying into a family that is huge into hunting. Being much less experienced, I hope that this fall and winter are full of opportunities to begin hunting and experiencing things I haven’t been able to try before. I’m sure there will be a few duck hunts, and of course, a lot of smaller stream fishing. Can’t wait for the upcoming season!

  8. Simon Tanner

    Thanks for this chance Ben! I always enjoy visiting your site! I’m hoping to get up to the Ferry towards the end of the year for my first time..


  9. Billy Wingo

    I am really stoked up about the next six weeks. Headed to the Green River in Utah the week of labor Day. Then the San Juan River the last week of September. Then Siver Creek opens up, it does not get much better.

  10. Tyler K

    When I get a break from school or on the weekends this Fall, I plan to explore the Rim, and fish Oak Creek. Not a planned trip, but I definitely want to fish Lee’s Ferry this winter.

  11. Bob T.

    I am headed up to Canyon Creek this weekend and then doing a steelhead trip up to the Rogue River in Southern Oregon this October. Totally stoked!!!

  12. Tyler K

    For my Facebook like.

    When I get a break from school or on the weekends this Fall, I plan to explore the Rim, and fish Oak Creek. Not a planned trip, but I definitely want to fish Lee’s Ferry this winter.

  13. Tyler K

    For Instagram,

    When I get a break from school or on the weekends this Fall, I plan to explore the Rim, and fish Oak Creek. Not a planned trip, but I definitely want to fish Lee’s Ferry this winter.

  14. Mark W

    Headed up to the Adirondacks for a few days. I hope to fish some small mountain brooks for square tails and possibly hit the Ausable for the first time. I’m old school; no facebook, twitter or instagram !

  15. Ty

    Tempe Town lake is my go to so I can fulfill my needs! Might do some archery deer hunting when it cools off in Decmeber.

  16. Bryan Christopher

    Leave Michigan’s winter for Cochise County to hunt your 3 quail species.

  17. Colton

    I’ve got a trip to the San Juan coming up last week in September. I am super stoked to spend an entire week chasing those monster rainbows and browns! I love fishing the Juan.

    I also have a unit 32 Coues Deer hunt coming up in early November. Hopefully I’ll be able to tag on of these elusive grey ghosts.

  18. Colton

    I’ve also already liked AZ Wanderings on Facebook.

  19. Brian

    I’ve got an elk hunt coming up (well supporting my Dad with his tag) and I’ll probably chase some carp until it’s cold. Then it’s steelhead on the Deschutes!


  20. Shaun

    Cool deal Ben! I didnt draw out for anything this year so the fall months will be spent camping, chasing quail and hopefully getting out after some trout as the water cools.

  21. Conner

    Love the site, thanks sharing all your stories.
    Planned trips for this fall. First part of October heading up into the whites (not sure where yet, have not gotten that far). Also in December I have an annual trip to the Green River in Utah. Also have a quick trip planned to Southern Utah in september, going to explore the area around St. George to see if there is any decent fishing.

  22. Conner

    I follow you on instagram as well. Love the pics you post. Interested to know what camera(s) you use on your trips.

  23. rios,ritos,and lagos

    great site, really injoy your posts. This fall i am going to be spending a lot of time in the rio grand gorge and on the chama and san juan rivers. Hopfully make a couple of trips down to the gila as well. No fb, instagram, or twitter for me.

  24. brad flood

    I think it’s awesome to do the giveaways. It’s good to see a company give back to the customer!! Thank you.

  25. Brian Larson

    I would love a week in AZ hunting quail, but I will settle for some wild pheasants back home in Iowa.

  26. Brian Larson

    I follow you on facebook and have an icon on my desktop to get directly to your blog/web site

  27. Tres

    No hunts or fishing trips planned however it doesn’t mean I won’t go. I have a baby boy due in November so no hunting for me. Fishing trips happen short notice.

    Don’t have Facebook, twitter, or Instagram so only one entry for me! Good luck to all.

  28. Jonathan Darner

    My next hunting trip will be the family’s annual dove slaughter, but then some archery deer hunts and turkey hunts are also coming up soon.

  29. stan adermann

    I plan on fishing the Trinity River in November!

  30. Steve

    Love the blog! I am fishing in Missouri in 2 weeks, headed to the rim the 3rd week of September and will be hitting the Pinaleno’s and the Ferry this fall.

  31. Dave Brown

    In addition to local outings (in SW Ohio), hoping to hit Erie / Penn for Steelhead, and Smokey Mtns. The Fall season will have me itching to hit the woods with the recurve for deer as well.

  32. Dave Huntley

    Heading up to Lake Cayuga in New York in two weeks for a bit of fishing and camping with the fam…. Should be great fun! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  33. Dave Huntley

    — Oh, and I follow you on Facebook, too. 🙂

  34. Colbey Bennett

    Heading to chevelon lake in October! Can’t wait

  35. Colby Bennett

    Spelled my name wrong on the first post…oops!
    I like you on Facebook… And in general

  36. Colby Bennett

    Idk why my first comment didn’t load but I’m going to chevelon lake in October!

  37. Ty

    I’ve liked you on since you started and I’ve enjoyed it ever since! Keep it up.

  38. Ty

    The above comment was for Facebook. Haha. This is for Instagram. I’ve been a stalwart follower since I got a smart phone. I’ve enjoyed it over the last year.

  39. Ty

    I do have to admit I just started following you on twitter. I can say that I’m now complete! You are apart if my life in every aspect. 🙂

  40. Butch

    Hopefully Chevelon in late October, and maybe steelhead in West Michigan in November… If I’m luck.

  41. MeLikeFlyFish

    Hi Ben. I just got back from Maine and, soon, I’m gonna try my luck in Maui. Later this fall I’ll try a pack-n-fish (or a few of these) on the rim.

  42. DJ


    No major trips planned, but I’m sure there’ll be some last minute, no plan road trips coming up. I’ll find out where I’m fishing when I get there. Annual whitetail hunt with the family over thanksgiving is a given too. Maybe some swingin for big dogs in tributaries while I’m up there.

  43. Jake

    I will be fishing the streams on the rim, and quail hunting!