Tying Flies

Wheatley Fly Box
Wheatley Fly Box - A Blank Canvas

It was a slow weekend here at the Smith household and I enjoyed the opportunity to sit and replenish some of the empty spots in my fly boxes. I picked up a really nice Wheatley Box as a souvenir while I was fishing in France and it sits patiently while I try to figure what to fill it with. I imagine some traditional dries would look nice neatly tucked into the little metal box. There is nothing like a new fly box to get the fly tying juices flowing.

IBrown Trout Meat
Brown Trout Meat

In anticipation of the hopper bit dying down, I started to tie up some heavy streamer flies. While digging through one of my drawers I came across a bag of marabou feathers from the turkey that I shot with my bow last year. The gray streamers above were tied up using those particular feathers and I hope that I can move a few big browns with these flies in the upcoming trips.

Arizona Wanderings Fly Collection
Arizona Wanderings Fly Collection

Lastly, I have a couple brand new empty fly boxes that are looking lonely, so I started tying some of my favorite patterns to fill them with. Once they get filled up, I’ll put them up in the Arizona Wanderings Shop to see if anyone is interested in buying an already filled box. One way of the other, it keeps me busy tying new flies and testing patterns on the water.

9 Responses to “Tying Flies”

  1. Kyle

    Lookin good Ben, I broke out the vise for the first time in a couple of weeks last night. Working on a new copper john variant. Love those gray streamers you tied!

  2. Mel

    Well, Howard and Rod are all over how sharp your fly box looks and how that gray streamer should put a zing on your reel this fall. Fly tying is fun and fishing in the fall is my favorite time.

  3. Colton

    Ben you sure have become one heck of a fly tyer since you started. If my flies look that good once I have been tying for the period of time you have (which is inproportional to the neatness of your ties) I will be one happy man.

    I see a few SOS nymphs in there without the red KF, never thought of doing hat, but it is a good idea, especially for when the trout get picky.

    I hope the hopper bite is still on for this weekend when I go hit some streams!

    • azwanderings

      Thanks Colton. That is very kind of you to say. I know that not everyone enjoys tying flies, but I really do like sitting down and tying up a traditional pattern or trying something new. You are well on your way and I look forward to seeing your patterns in the future. Thank you again. Good luck this weekend.



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