Wall of Fame: Arizona Coues Deer

Marks Domsher - Coues Deer
Marks Domsher - Coues Deer

My friend, Mark Domsher, had a great Arizona Coues Deer hunt and sent me some photos to salivate over. We had talked about this great tag that he had pulled a couple of times and I was glad to hear he sealed the deal on such a great looking buck. Congrats Mark, and I look forward to hearing the nitty gritty of the hunt soon.

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  1. Benny

    I had to look Coues Deer up, now I know it’s from the white tail family. Mark did real nice for himself on the deer. Thanks for sharing.

  2. azwanderings


    He sure did. These are some of the toughest hunts in very brutal country. Half the trouble is finding these deer, in such a big open desert. Mark did very well for himself…


  3. IanCT

    Wow, really digging your site Ben. I used to hunt 36b, 37b and 33 for coues deer for 5-6 years in a row, years ago. I really miss AZ sometimes, however I have the ocean and stripers in my backyard. If you’re ever out in New England and want to chase some stripers, let me know.
    Awesome site man.


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