Westside Fly Tying…

Preteding like I know what I am doing for the guys...

Spent an evening with some new friends on the west side of Phoenix. It was nice to only drive a few streets over for a tying event when most are posted for the other side of the city. Bo, Gary, and Jason were all stand up gentlemen that were more than willing to share and impart their wisdom to me. It is always interesting to hear what others are throwing and where they are fishing. I look forward to more get-togethers with more photos of the flies and happenings of the evening.  This was the first of what hopefully will be a bi-monthly event and if you ever find yourself out Surprise-way, feel free to join. Thanks again to the guys for letting me tag along.

*Photo courtesy of Jason Jones

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  1. bsmith835

    We definitely had a good time. A homebrew or two while tying is the perfect way to spend an evening. It really is nice to sit down with some other people and see what they are tying and throwing. It was a rewarding night.



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