Monthly Archives: August 2011

Rambling Review: Fisknat Landing Nets


Rambling Review – Fisknat Landing Nets by Bob Nelson Why: A landing net becomes an intricate part of a fly fisherman’s tools, especially when there is lunker on the other end of the line. Having a quality net as part of your gear is a necessity and Bob Nelson has a great line-up of handcrafted […]

Fly Tying: Splashything Stonefly Pattern


This pattern was one of the bugs that I was messing around with on the Deschutes River in the middle of a some serious golden stone and salmonfly hatches. I tied them up in orange and yellow and had success with  both. The poor fly did not really have a name, but after Eric landed […]

Rambling Review – Swarovski Binocular Tripod Adapter


Rambling Review – Swarovski Binocular Tripod Adapter Why: Hunting in the West requires a decent pair of binoculars and often times long hours of glassing hillsides in search of your quarry. For a boy raised in the Northeast where all you have to do is find the wind and plop yourself down next to a […]

Hunting Stands and Thunderstorms…


A bittersweet day in the field found me scoping out my hunting stand for the upcoming turkey/deer archery season. The day was bittersweet because I know that with archery season comes the new school year. So while this week I am setting up a ground blind thinking about water and food sources for my quarry, […]

The Arizona Wanderings Shop


It is finally here. Thanks to the hard work of my brother, Joel Smith, over at J. Sumner Designs, the Arizona Wanderings Shop is up and running. Along with the standard Arizona Wanderings T-shirt and signature Mini-Hopper flies, my new Hunting Gambel’s Quail E-book is also available for purchase. Hunting Gambel’s Quail is a beginner’s […]