Rambling Reviews

Rambling Review: Quilomene San Carlos Bird Vest


Rambling Review – Quilomene San Carlos Bird Vest Why: There are several good options for quality strap vests on the market. I’ve written about several of them on this blog already. For the early Arizona bird hunting season, I’ve had the opportunity to wear the Quilomene San Carlos Bird Vest and I’ve been really impressed with what this […]

Rambling Review: Coleman Fyrechampion Hyperflame Stove


Rambling Review: Coleman Fyrechampion Hyperflame Stove Why: Although many times I’m looking for the lightest equipment for backpacking into the backcountry, there are plenty of times where I’m truck camping and space and weight are not an issue. When it comes to stoves, I have several compact camp stoves that are ideal for those backpacking trips […]

Rambling Review: GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Percolator


Rambling Review: GSI Glacier Stainless Percolator Why: Regular readers of this blog know that I take my morning cup of coffee fairly seriously. At home I have a pretty standard French press routine, but I mix it up when I’m in the field depending on how much time, space, and weight I have. I’ve found that […]

Rambling Review: Black Diamond Spot Headlamp


Rambling Review: Black Diamond Spot Headlamp Why: Whenever I’m heading into the woods and walking away from the truck, it’s important to do the dummy check and make sure you have the necessities. Whether fishing, hunting, or just going for a hike, one of those key elements in my pack that I always double check […]

Rambling Review – Orvis Safe Passage Carry-it-all Rod and Gear Case


Rambling Review – Orvis Safe Passage Carry-it-all Rod and Gear Case Why: That stupid Orvis magazine shows up at least once a month in the mailbox, and every time it did I would give it a quick flip through. Inevitably, I’d find several things that peaked my interest, but I showed restraint (which isn’t hard to […]

Rambling Review: Kelty Pathfinder 3.0


Rambling Review – Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Why: If you have been following along at all, you know that my little girl has been growing fast. My wife and I are avid hikers and really like to get outside and enjoy all that Arizona has to offer. Trying to fit a one year old baby girl […]

Rambling Review: Olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens


Rambling Review: Olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens Why: While traveling this summer, I used my iPhone as my primary camera, but I couldn’t always get great detail shots or get decent perspective on wide angled shots. On a recent trip to Arizona, however, to hike a small canyon north of Phoenix, I was able to capture detail […]

Rambling Review – Thomas & Thomas Heirloom Fiberglass Fly Rod


Rambling Review – Thomas & Thomas Heirloom Fiberglass 7’6 4-weight Why: Let me start by saying, that in my humble quiver of fly rods, the Thomas & Thomas Heirloom Fiberglass 7’6 4-weight stands out as the most beautiful. I was lucky enough to win this fly rod in the Fiberglass Manifesto’s photo contest in 2012 and since […]