Monthly Archives: December 2011

Last Chance Christmas Sale…


I got a fresh batch of Arizona Wanderings T-shirts hot off the press all the way from size Small to XXX-Large. So, if your looking for a last minute gift for the outdoorsman or maybe you have been eye-balling one for yourself, head on over to the Arizona Wanderings Shop and pick up one…or two. […]

Book Report: “Girl Hunter” by Georgia Pelligrini


Back in early summer, I received an email from author/chef extraordinaire, Georgia Pelligrini to read and review her upcoming new release Girl Hunter, which is due out tomorrow, December 13. Georgia has a fascinating story about how she studied at the French Culinary Institute and found and fostered a desire to learn to hunt and forage […]

Rambling Review – Turtleskin Snake Chaps


Rambling Review – Turtleskin Snake Chaps Why: Arizona + Hunting = Rattlesnakes. I have stepped over a few in my wanderings around Arizona and all have elevated my heart rate and made me walk on air. Another reason to wear a set of chaps here in Arizona is that pretty much everything that grows in […]