Arizona Quail Hunting: The Start of the 2015 Season

Arizona Quail Country
Arizona Quail Country

For the first time since living in Arizona, I skipped the opening weekend of Arizona quail in favor of heading north to some cooler temperatures, grouse hunting and Apache trout. But in the weekends following, I laced up my boots and braved the heat to chase Gambel’s in the Sonoran desert.

The summer reports seem to be accurate as there seems to be a slight uptick in bird numbers. Regardless, it felt good to get out and work the washes and hills. The weight of a shotgun over my shoulder was a little different sometimes I use one of my airsoft rifles for hunting. At the end of the day I had couple of birds in the vest so I had a welcome feeling after a long off season. Here’s hoping for many more quality mornings in the field chasing quail with buddies.

Gambel's quail
Gambel’s quail
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5 Responses to “Arizona Quail Hunting: The Start of the 2015 Season”

  1. Luke

    Spending time in the Sonoran is one of my best memories from living in Arizona. The mornings can be spectacular with the cool air, birds calling, sunrise, etc. But here in Utah it is cool too.

  2. Kevin

    Never figured you for a 12 gauge man… Great pic! As perceived personas go, you (living a sporting life) seem to be more of a 28ga guy to me – but who am I to judge a guy living and documenting the enviable life you’re living. Dang sure putting some viddles on the table with that 12 🙂
    Amen brother!!

    • azwanderings

      Yessir. Gambel’s are some of the toughest birds I’ve hunted and I seem to find more birds when I use a 12 gauge. A nice vintage 20 gauge side by side is in my future some day for Mearns, but I like the 12 for Gambel’s. Take care.


      • Kevin

        I’m a subgauge man myself – but I believe in shooting a gun that makes lethal reaches with the proper shot. That can mean any gauge for any shooter… A matter of choice for sure. Also believe in great dogs like my new Boykin – Hazel. Different guns, dogs, gear – whatever works. I just like to get outside with dog, gun, friend, good bourbon – oh, and did I mention quail?! 🙂


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