HAHWG – Summer 2014

The Hunting and Angling Heritage Work Group

If you’ve followed along with my posts on Arizona Wanderings, you will probably remember several posts about The Hunting and Angling Heritage Work Group, which we lovingly refer to as HAHWG (pronounced Hog). The HAHWG is a growing group of organizations and partners whose mission is to facilitate the Department’s efforts to pass on the hunting tradition to its constituents, and to keep hunting and fishing relevant into the next century. The foundation of this group’s effort is the North American Model of wildlife conservation.

One thing that I would like to highlight that has come out of this group is a fantastic calendar that shows all of the different camps put on by the different partners. Everything from small and big game hunting to fishing to a vast array of outdoor skills. Although many of the camps are specifically designed and held for the youth, there are still many camps that are specifically for adults. I have added another page tab here on Arizona Wanderings specifically dedicated to the Outdoor Skills Calendar. I try to get to several camps a year to help mentor, wash dishes, or volenteer in what ever way they need. It’s a great way to pass on the hunting and angling heritage that our nation was built on. Check out the Outdoor Skills Calendar Page.

HAHWG paper
The Hunting and Angling Heritage Work Group
HAHWG Participants
The Hunting and Angling Heritage Work Group
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Getting ready for bed
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  1. Howard Levett

    I think organizations similar to this is what’s needed here. If you want to get anything done, it’s the best way. Your family is great Ben.


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