Rambling Review: Sierra Nets

Rambling Review – Sierra Nets by Greg Madrigal

Sierra Nets
Sierra Nets


As important as the rod and reel are to the fly fisherman, the landing net becomes an extension of the arm when bringing a fish to hand. Greg Madrigal is an artist and constructs beautiful one of a kind nets. Greg has melded his love of woodworking and his passion for fly fishing into Sierra Nets.  Greg puts between 15 and 25 hours into each one of his one of a kind custom nets which allows him to be creative in their style, color, grain, and handle shape.

AZW Sierra Net
AZW Sierra Net

First impressions:

The Overall Look – When I opened the box to see the net Greg had handcrafted, I was awestruck. I was enamored with the contrasting color of the wood and how well they complimented each other. The net is composed from two different woods. The darker wood is curly walnut and the blonde wood is curly maple.

The Little things – At first I did not notice, but after a moment of admiration and turning the net over in my hands, I notice the beautiful monogram in the handle of the net. Greg handsomely inlayed the initials “AZW” in copper which really personalizes the net and shows off his craftsmanship

Dimensions – The net measures 25 inches long with a tear drop shaped net. Perfect to tuck into my belt while on the small stream.

Copper Inlay
Copper Inlay

Field Use:

I love this net. It is as practical as it is beautiful. It tucks neatly in my belt and comes easily to hand when a fish is on the line. From small brook trout streams in the Adirondack mountains of New York to wild browns and rainbows in Arizona, this net is a dream to have.

Netting Fish
Netting Fish

One aspect that I did not really understand until I used it was the rubber net bag. With my old mesh net, I was the guy spending a half an hour on the side of the stream trying to dig out my fly that had snagged in the net. In the end I am ticked off and have a mangled fly and net. The rubber bag is extremely nice because there is no more lost time trying to wrench a #20 pheasant tail nymph out of the mesh netting. The word behind rubber nets is that the do not take as much of the protective slime off of a fish as the mesh counterparts, therefore being more catch and release friendly.

Having carried this net on a number of outings, I have come to appreciate the feel of the wooden handle and the beauty of the net itself. The simplicity and aesthetics of the wooden net just feels right when dipped in the water to net a fish.

The AZW Sierra Net with Ausable Brown
The AZW Sierra Net with an AuSable Brown


Solid custom craftsmanship

Rubber net

One of a kind masterpiece that will see a lifetime of fishing

It floats (I may or may not have lost a net in deep water one time…)


This one of a kind net will cost a little bit more, but a quality net that will last a lifetime is priceless.

Prognosis: Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful fly fishing tools I have ever held. A truly beautiful net from a talented woodworker. Check out Sierra Nets


Sierra Net
Sierra Net by Greg Madrigal


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