Fly Fishing Lees Ferry

Arizona Fly Fishing: Lees Ferry


My cousin is a fantastic runner and currently runs on the Navy Cross Country team. Their team has been doing some altitude training in Flagstaff, and we started talking about getting out and doing some fishing here in AZ. On Saturday, he and I, along with 5 other members of the team ran up to the walk […]

Book Report: 50 Best Tailwaters to Fly Fish


Terry and Wendy Gunn are household names here in Arizona. The Gunns own and operate Lees Ferry Anglers Fly Shop and Guide Service in Marble Canyon, Arizona. In conjunction with their extensive personal knowledge, Terry and Wendy have worked diligently with local experts and guides from around the country, to put together an amazing lineup […]

Arizona Fly Fishing: Lees Ferry (Part 1)


A month or two ago, my buddy Kyle, of Sleep When You’re Dead,  invited me to head up to the famous Colorado River and fish Lees Ferry with him and a couple of other guys. Having always wanted to fish this unique and beautiful river, I jumped at the chance and started tying a whole […]

Arizona Fly Fishing: Lees Ferry


I spent the weekend in northern Arizona fly fishing the Colorado River for the famous Lees Ferry rainbow trout. The weather was beautiful, the fishing was fantastic, and the company was superb. I could not have asked for a better weekend with a great group of guys. I have a whole passel of pictures to […]