Monthly Archives: May 2012

Rambling Review: Fall River Bamboo Fly Rod “South Fork”


Rambling Review: Fall River Bamboo Fly Rod “South Fork” Why: The opportunity to fish the Fall River South Fork Rod, along with the Montana Fly Company reel and Rio line, came through the Outdoor Blogger Network. I am the first of 18 “hosts” for this rod and reel and over the next several months, the […]

Grasshopper Forecast 2012: Do you have your mini-hoppers?


Looks like there is going to be some serious pockets of hoppers across the west this summer. I like thinking that those dark red spots in AZ are right over the Rim creeks. Make sure to stock your fly box with a fistful of Mini-Hoppers (aka the “ultimate small stream dry fly”) Mini-Hoppers – Available […]

Arizona Turkey Hunting Report


Friday – I woke at 3 AM to what sounded like a hundred coyotes right outside my tent. Although I knew I was safe, I still reached over and felt the cold steel pistol which brought me comfort. A half hour later, I shivered my way into my cold hunting clothes and drove over the […]