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Rambling Review: Ex Officio Nio Amphi Pants


Rambling Review – Ex Officio Nio Amphi Pants   Why: Living in Arizona and being slightly obsessed with the small streams that flow from the mountains, wet wading is a way of life from early spring until the November cold forces me to break out my waders. Typically, I roll in a pair of cargo […]

Rambling Review – Garmin Etrex H GPS Unit


Rambling Review – Garmin Etrex H GPS Unit Why: In short, I don’t like getting lost. When I moved to Arizona the new big country was very daunting and I always had a sick feeling in my stomach as I watched the truck get smaller and smaller the farther I walk away.  Specifically, quail hunting […]

Rambling Review – Jetboil Flash Java Kit


Rambling Review – Jetboil: Flash Java Kit Cooking System Why? With all my outdoor wanderings, many nights can find me trying to stay warm in a tent or the bed of my truck. I can do without a lot of civilized amenities when fishing or hunting comes into the equation. Unfortunately, one necessity I take […]