Locked and Loaded


I came home last weekend from some time in the woods to find this on the refrigerator. My beautiful wife had spent the day at the local gun range taking a Women’s Introductory Pistol Class and learning the ins and outs of her handgun. Now if you get past the two ferocious pups (our “first […]

Arizona Wanderings Shop


With spring essentially here in Arizona, I wanted to remind everyone that if you are looking to refill your fly box or add to your wardrobe, the Arizona Wanderings shop is fully stocked and operational. Spring is usually the time when many guys from the Southwest start to think about heading to the tailwaters and […]

Blood Knot Magazine: An Arizona Wanderings Article


The new Blood Knot issue is out, and if you flip your way towards the center, you will see my contribution there about smack dab in the middle of the magazine. I want to say a very warm thank you to the kind folks over at Blood Knot for picking up my article on Arizona […]

HAHWG – Hunting and Angling Heritage Workgroup


A couple weeks ago, I received an email from Doug Burt over at Arizona Game and Fish Department explaining how he had found the site and was interested in me coming out to a HAHWG meeting. I thought a bit about the offer knowing full well that it was going to put the kibosh on […]

Arizona Wanderings Upgrades


So, Arizona Wanderings is in the middle of some upgrades. We ran into some issues yesterday but the site is back up and running. Some of the links on the side are still not fully functional, so please bear with me as things get ironed out. I am hoping by this weekend everything should be […]

Arizona Wanderings: A Year in Review…


I usually stay away from the introspective look at my blog and stay pretty focused on the hunting and fishing here in Arizona, but it is the season to take a peak at what has been accomplished in 2011. 1. The Arizona Wanderings Shop – With the help of my brother, I was able to […]

RedRam Winner


From the random number generator, #29 is the winner. Congrats to Darren Johnson, author of Taking a Walk on the Wild Side. Thanks for all the support and happy holidays to all.