Giveaway Results


A big thanks to everyone who left a comment and best of luck on all those fishing and hunting trips. Also a big thanks to Dick’s Sporting Goods for the $25 gift card to giveaway. Without further ado, the winners are:   Grand Prize – $25 to Dick’s Sporting Goods, an AZW hat, and one of my […]

The Fall Season Giveaway


It’s getting to be that time of the year here in Arizona. Hunters have been scouting, dusting off gear, and preparing for the upcoming seasons. Once the high country gets a bit cooler, the fishing should really turn on as fish start to fatten up for winter. In light of all the excitement, how about […]

My world is changing


2013 is turning out to be quite a year for me personally. I am turning 30 I am changing careers My wife and I are expecting our first child I live a very full and blessed life, and up to this point it has afforded me the opportunity to hunt and fish at every waking […]

Hunting and Angling Heritage Workgroup – HAHWG


I spent the weekend down in Tucson at the Hunting and Angling Heritage Workgroup, also known as the HAHWG. The Hunting and Angling Heritage Workgroup is a diverse group of individuals and groups who, in conjunction with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, meet twice a year. The goal of the HAHWG is “to gather leaders in […]

Arizona Wanderings Birthday Celebration


Three years ago, I typed my first words into a free wordpress account. In a cliche, it seems so long ago, but also to have passed in only a blink of an eye. Although, Arizona Wanderings started as a personal journal of my fly fishing and hunting adventures here in Arizona, it has grown into something […]

Hobo Dinners: Arguably the greatest outdoor meal ever…


Hobo Dinner was one of my favorite meals as a kid. On my birthday this summer, my mom asked what I wanted to have for “birthday dinner.” The answer was pretty easy to come up with. My favorites blend: Start with a base layer of bacon. Add hamburger, potatoes, onion, carrotts, corn, bell peppers, garlic salt, […]