Arizona Wanderings

Fly Fishing Arizona: Rim Creeks (part 1)


I could tell spring had arrived when I opted not to wear waders. Wet wading in early April is one of the perks of living in Arizona. After a long winter of very poor and sporadic small stream fishing, I picked up a fly tying buddy and pointed the truck north. We opted to head […]

Fly Fishing the San Juan River: Tips and Lessons Learned


After I made it home and spent a day on the coach allowing my body to recover from four days of fishing, I wrote up my trip report full of pictures and stories. Looking back to my time on the water, there were a whole bunch of little things that brought this whole trip together. […]

Local Business: Blue River Fly Co.


Jason over at Blue River Fly Co. graciously offered this gem after my El Cheapo Altoids Fly Box post I recently opened a online fly store with the help of, based out of Tucson specializing in premium flies and boxes. I have Wheatley and UPG boxes and will have the new UPG boxes next […]

Rambling Review – Flying Fisherman Pago Sunglasses


Rambling Review – Flying Fisherman Pago Sunglasses Why: This answer is pretty easy. First I live in Arizona and the sun is hot, brutal, and unforgiving. God only gave me one set of eyes so protecting them from the harmful UV rays is extremely important.  Secondly, while fly fishing, it is essential to protect my […]