Javelina Hunting – Stickbow pigs


I spent a few days in southern Arizona with my good buddy Austin and a few of his friends from Idaho chasing coues deer and javelina. The guys had been down there for the week, and I caught up with them for the tail end of their stay. It didn’t take but a few minutes […]

Arizona Javelina Hunting: So close yet so far…


The morning sun was just starting to lighten the sky as I tiptoed to the top of the bluff where I was going to set up and glass the surrounding hills. I moved from rock to rock and quietly stood at the very top and was about to put down my bow and pack when […]

Arizona Javelina Hunting: Juniors Edition


Archery javelina season ended a three year long quest for one of these Arizona pigs and truth be told, my cold weather hunting gear was washed and put away. I have been focusing on staying close to home on the weekends and hunting Gambel’s quail and thinking about maybe trying out my new three weight […]