Arizona Fly Fishing: Christmas Tree Lake


On a recent trip home from Pyramid Lake, the conversation in the truck turned to fishing in Arizona. We started scheming and pretty soon we had made a makeshift plan to fish Christmas Tree Lake. Christmas Tree Lake on the White Mountain Apache Reservation is arguably the prettiest lake in Arizona, and the Apache Trout that live […]

Rambling Review: Black Diamond Spot Headlamp


Rambling Review: Black Diamond Spot Headlamp Why: Whenever I’m heading into the woods and walking away from the truck, it’s important to do the dummy check and make sure you have the necessities. Whether fishing, hunting, or just going for a hike, one of those key elements in my pack that I always double check […]

Rambling Review – Cortland 444 Classic Sink Tip 10’ Type 3 line


Rambling Review – Cortland 444 Classic Sink Tip 10’ Type 3 line Why: I’ve been able to fish for a long time without a sink tip, and I have gotten away with adding lots of weight to my flies when I needed to get them deep. For fishing deep rivers and bottomless lakes, there is often […]

Fly Fishing New Mexico: San Juan River


My wife and daughter were out of town visiting a friend and I had an epic backpacking trip planned for the White Mountains, but wouldn’t you know it, we received some serious rain and all the creeks were running brown. Not being one to miss an opportunity to fish, I headed to the New Mexico with […]

Rambling Review – Thomas & Thomas Heirloom Fiberglass Fly Rod


Rambling Review – Thomas & Thomas Heirloom Fiberglass 7’6 4-weight Why: Let me start by saying, that in my humble quiver of fly rods, the Thomas & Thomas Heirloom Fiberglass 7’6 4-weight stands out as the most beautiful. I was lucky enough to win this fly rod in the Fiberglass Manifesto’s photo contest in 2012 and since […]

Giveaway Results


A big thanks to everyone who left a comment and best of luck on all those fishing and hunting trips. Also a big thanks to Dick’s Sporting Goods for the $25 gift card to giveaway. Without further ado, the winners are:   Grand Prize – $25 to Dick’s Sporting Goods, an AZW hat, and one of my […]

The Hats Are In!


The new AZWanderings fish hats are in and they look awesome. Embroidered fish logo on the front with an Arizona flag on the side. Pick yours up in the online Arizona Wanderings Shop.