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Rambling Review: Sierra Nets


Rambling Review – Sierra Nets by Greg Madrigal Why: As important as the rod and reel are to the fly fisherman, the landing net becomes an extension of the arm when bringing a fish to hand. Greg Madrigal is an artist and constructs beautiful one of a kind nets. Greg has melded his love of […]

Rambling Review – Korkers Hyjack Wading Shoes


Rambling Review – Korkers Hyjack Wading Shoes Why: Living in Arizona, I start wet wading as soon as the snow is gone. Generally that means by the end of April or early May, I am lucky enough to leave the bulky, smelly waders at home and don a pair of cargo shorts to hike the […]

Rambling Review – Garmin Etrex H GPS Unit


Rambling Review – Garmin Etrex H GPS Unit Why: In short, I don’t like getting lost. When I moved to Arizona the new big country was very daunting and I always had a sick feeling in my stomach as I watched the truck get smaller and smaller the farther I walk away.  Specifically, quail hunting […]

Rambling Review – Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock II Reel


Rambling Review – Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock II Reel Why: When I have the free Saturday to head where I want to, I point the truck towards the small streams that run cold and clear from the Mogollon Rim. This water is perfect for my TFO Finesse 3 weight and its delicate presentation. When I […]

Rambling Review – Flying Fisherman Pago Sunglasses


Rambling Review – Flying Fisherman Pago Sunglasses Why: This answer is pretty easy. First I live in Arizona and the sun is hot, brutal, and unforgiving. God only gave me one set of eyes so protecting them from the harmful UV rays is extremely important.  Secondly, while fly fishing, it is essential to protect my […]

Fly boxes: A journey, a couple reviews, and a simple how-to


When I first happened upon the fly fishing scene, I read every book, watched every YouTube, and listened to every podcast. I wanted to know everything and have exactly the right gear for what I was going to do.  An intricate part of the fly fishing get-up is the fly box. The fly box can […]

Rambling Review – Dyna-King Kingfisher Vise


Rambling Review – Dyna-King Kingfisher Vice Why: If you have fly fished for any length of time, you can understand why I wanted to buy a vise.  After catching the fly fishing bug it was only a short while before I started seeing all of the possibilities and fun everyone else was having tying their […]

Rambling Review – Jetboil Flash Java Kit


Rambling Review – Jetboil: Flash Java Kit Cooking System Why? With all my outdoor wanderings, many nights can find me trying to stay warm in a tent or the bed of my truck. I can do without a lot of civilized amenities when fishing or hunting comes into the equation. Unfortunately, one necessity I take […]