Gear Reviews

Rambling Review: Game Planner Maps


Rambling Review – Game Planner Maps Why: There’s nothing better than pouring over a big map laid out on the kitchen table. There is no substitute for tracing lines and scouting for hard to reach hunting spots on a physical map. Do you need some romance in your gaming? Find it here. With the advent of […]

Rambling Review: Jim Matthews Signature Quail Calls


Rambling Review Why: Since I’ve moved to Arizona, I’ve been hunting Gambel’s quail without a dog. On the rare occasion, I can meet up with a buddy who has a dog, but most of my hunts are on my own. I’ve found that Gambel’s are very huntable due to how vocal they are, between their clucks, […]

Rambling Review: Coleman Fyrechampion Hyperflame Stove


Rambling Review: Coleman Fyrechampion Hyperflame Stove Why: Although many times I’m looking for the lightest equipment for backpacking into the backcountry, there are plenty of times where I’m truck camping and space and weight are not an issue. When it comes to stoves, I have several compact camp stoves that are ideal for those backpacking trips […]

Rambling Review: GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Percolator


Rambling Review: GSI Glacier Stainless Percolator Why: Regular readers of this blog know that I take my morning cup of coffee fairly seriously. At home I have a pretty standard French press routine, but I mix it up when I’m in the field depending on how much time, space, and weight I have. I’ve found that […]

Rambling Review – Stanley Gear for Fall


I’ve had some pretty cool opportunities lately to check out some gear from Stanley. Several have really stood out to me over the past few weeks. The first is the Stanley Growler, I had reviewed a growler from another company a while back, and although it was an awesome product, the Stanley Growler had two features […]

Rambling Review – Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System


Rambling Review: Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System Why: I’ve always struggled to get a hair popping edge on a blade, and I have run through several different  sharpening systems.  The Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System is the real deal and has taken my edge sharpening to the next level. First impressions: What’s included –  6” coarse […]

Rambling Review: Stanley Adventure Cooler


Rambling Review –Stanley Adventure Cooler – 16 Qt. Why: Where I live, normal temps in the summer can reach 115 degrees. In Arizona, coolers are not optional; they are a necessity. Enter the 16 Quart Stanley Adventure Cooler.   First impressions: The Lifetime Warranty – Pretty self-explanatory. I love warranties. Dimensions – The Stanley Adventure […]