Arizona Hunting

Arizona Quail Hunting: Slow Day in Wickenburg


My buddy, Kyle, and I met early on Saturday morning and made the drive up to Wickenburg to see if we could find some of those Gambel’s quail that I had stumbled on a few weeks back. The area that we were hunting as a couple of cattle tanks, and I have found that this […]

Sharpening Broadheads…


I will be the first to admit it. I have a very difficult time getting a blade to the point of being razor sharp. At the end of the day I can get a broadhead or knife fairly sharp with some of the “dumbed-down” tools that they have on the market today, but getting a […]

Arizona Quail Hunting: Gambel’s Quail


The quail season has started very slowly this year with birds sleeping late and not being vocal. Usually the birds are up and chirping as the sun lightens the sky but this year they are not really talking until about 8. This past Saturday, I had a great opportunity to get out with my buddy,Kyle […]

Rambling Review: Superfeet


Rambling Review –  Superfeet Insoles Why: I never gave much thought to my feet while I was growing up. Wearing flip-flops and flat, non supportive shoes became a way of life until about 3 years ago. After a couple of very long days in the field, the arches of my feet were killing me. I […]

Hunting Stands and Thunderstorms…


A bittersweet day in the field found me scoping out my hunting stand for the upcoming turkey/deer archery season. The day was bittersweet because I know that with archery season comes the new school year. So while this week I am setting up a ground blind thinking about water and food sources for my quarry, […]

Rambling Review – Garmin Etrex H GPS Unit


Rambling Review – Garmin Etrex H GPS Unit Why: In short, I don’t like getting lost. When I moved to Arizona the new big country was very daunting and I always had a sick feeling in my stomach as I watched the truck get smaller and smaller the farther I walk away.  Specifically, quail hunting […]

How To Fletch Your Own Arrows…


Someone was digging through the archives and asking questions about fletching arrows and the difficulty involved in the process, as well as some needed tools. This is a simple “how to fletch your own arrows” tutorial. I shoot a traditional recurve bow off the shelf, so therefore use feather fletchings on a carbon arrow. Now, […]