Arizona Hunting

The times they are a changin’…


As you have probably figured out at this point, Arizona Wanderings has had a facelift and a rejuvenation of spirit. After much poking and prodding from friends and readers and with the help of my brother at¬†, we are soft-launching the new and improved AZWanderings. Aside from the site being cleaner and much more attractive […]

Birds and Guns


Spent a short morning in the field with good friends and plenty of birds in the air. Dove season is back on and there were no lack of hunters or birds out for the reopening weekend in Arizona. All four of us limited out (some faster than others) and made quick work of cleaning the […]

Empty Handed…


I spent Saturday with a hunting rifle slung over my shoulder picking my way through hillsides of cat-claw. The search was for a mule deer buck which have an uncanny way of disappearing into the endless miles of rolling hills and jagged landscape. Most of the day was spent hunkered down staring through a pair […]