Small Stream

Hunting Stands and Thunderstorms…


A bittersweet day in the field found me scoping out my hunting stand for the upcoming turkey/deer archery season. The day was bittersweet because I know that with archery season comes the new school year. So while this week I am setting up a ground blind thinking about water and food sources for my quarry, […]

Arizona Fly Fishing: Summertime Small Streams (Part 2)


I woke to the beauty of the Arizona sun, rising across the canyon and beaming light into  every corner of the forest. Breakfast rivaled dinner from the night, and the eggs, hash browns, homemade breads and coffee provided us with plenty of energy to break down camp and get things under way. The morning started […]

Arizona Fly Fishing – Summertime Small Stream (Part 1)


There is something about the sound of heavy tires crunching over a dirt road on the way to an ice-cold creek. Anticipation was running high as I had not fished these streams for over a month, and I was worried what condition the Arizona summer had put them in. Gear was sorted on the tailgate […]

Rambling Review – Korkers Hyjack Wading Shoes


Rambling Review – Korkers Hyjack Wading Shoes Why: Living in Arizona, I start wet wading as soon as the snow is gone. Generally that means by the end of April or early May, I am lucky enough to leave the bulky, smelly waders at home and don a pair of cargo shorts to hike the […]

Arizona Wanderings: Wall of Fame


Over the past 6 months, much to the surprise of my wife and myself, my flies and t-shirts have been finding their way all across the county and even across the oceans. In honor of some of those who have been rocking the mini-hoppers and Arizona Wanderings t-shirts, this post is for you. First, Greg […]

Denali Arctic Grayling…


After an unbelievable week in Bend, Oregon chasing big rainbows on the Deschutes and Crooked Rivers, I woke early to catch a flight to Anchorage to meet up with my wife and in-laws for a 10-day land/ocean cruise. I knew that this was a rare occasion to be in this part of the country, so […]